Thank you for your interest in NorCal Seeds and Genetics.  With over 35 years of experience and expertise, NorCal Seeds and Genetics is a leader in the field of modern cannabis breeding.

NorCal Seeds and Genetics is a California based company specializing in designing new strains of cannabis.  NorCal Seeds and Genetics has one of the largest seed banks in California and is considered to be one of the most top quality breeding companies of stabilized cannabis and hemp strains in the country.

NorCal Seeds and Genetics is one of the only breeders in the world to engineer and design strains for clients that have never existed before!  Our “Wine Strains” which are eight years in development were bred to be true Sonoma County Appellation phenotypes and grown in Sonoma County soil.  Originally developed to be used in the production of wine, each strain has the unique characteristics of the wine they represent.  The Merlot looks, smells and taste like a fine glass of Merlot wine.  The Cabernet, Syrah and Cuvee the same.  The first crossover in cannabis breeding!


No matter what your needs are; larger yield, specific color or trait to be bred into or taken our of, sugar, lipid or wax reduction for concentrates or flowering periods, NorCal Seeds and Genetics has the expertise and proven track record to command confidence.

NorCal Seeds and Genetics rigorously tests every strain for contaminates, pathogens, recessive DNA and RNA traits as well as testing for chemotype profiles and yield.


NorCal Seeds and Genetics offer a multitudinous of products, services and support ranging from providing a simple purchase of a pack of 10 seeds, licensing exclusive strains or designing your own strain.


NorCal Seeds and Genetics offer, “Designer Cannabis Strains”, designed by you to meet your exact and specific needs.  Why look for a strain to meet your needs when you can design your own?  Whether it’s a Genetype G1 – G11, a Chemotype or a Phenotype.


In addition to licensing and sales of products, NorCal Seeds and Genetics also offers clients product support and an array of special services to help a client mitigate problems and to help them achieve their desired goals.


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Thank you for choosing NorCal Seeds and Genetics!


NorCal Seeds and Genetics is a California based seed bank and top quality breeder of stabilized cannabis and hemp strains located in Sonoma County.

Since there are many seed companies for you to choose from, we appreciate your interest in what we have to offer you.  Whether you are looking for something old school like Skunk weed or wanting to create your “own” strain, NorCal Seeds and Genetics is here to help you grow. 

We offer the finest quality land strains, stabilized front runners, G11, hybrid hemp, hemp seeds high in CBD and designer strains that allows a client the ability to choose and design every characteristic of a cannabis plant from anthocyanin color to cannabinoid profile.

NorCal Seeds and Genetics supplies beginner breeders as well as expert breeders an endless source of material and knowledge to advance your skills as a breeder.

We invite you to look at our seed menu. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are here to make your growing experience!