Welcome to NorCal Seeds and Genetics or NSG for short. With over 35 years of experience and expertise, NSG is the leader in the field of modern cannabis breeding, cloning and stabilized seed production.

NSG is a privately owned Northern California based genetic consulting company specializing in breeding cannabis and bringing commercial grade cannabis seed and genetic IP to the world market. 

NSG believes genetics and good breeding practices are key to the future of cannabis and hemp cultivation on a commercial level and that there is nothing more important or as valuable as the reproduction of genetic material and the IP it creates.

NSG curates one of the largest cannabis seed and pollen banks in the world! NSG has been traveling the world studying how cannabis uniquely differentiates itself by means of phenotyping by context of climate zone.  Seeds from all varieties and from all climate zones around the world have been gathered over decades to library our seed bank. 

There are many seed companies for you to choose from these days, so we truly appreciate your interest in what we can do for you.  

NSG is the ONLY cannabis company that can produce and bring to market a stable strain for a client that is 100% designed by the client to meet their specific needs. The end result is a desired cultivar chemotype expressing every trait the client is looking for when they can not find what they need from an open source method.  

NSG is the only company in the world that offers clients the ability to design a cultivar to their exact specifications for patenting. 

It is vitally important that when a client is looking to create their “BRAND” that their cultivar be unique and distinguishable from all other cultivars. Along with providing our clients with these unique cultivars, NSG also provides complete SOP’s and technical support to grow every cultivar consistently, guaranteed.  

You will be happy to know that whether you choose from one of our heirloom strains or one that we design for you; NorCal Seeds and Genetics rigorously tests for contaminants, pathogens, recessive DNA and RNA traits. NSG also provides real time COA data percentages of 44 different terpenes and 22 cannabinoid profiles of every cultivar produced.


NSG offers the finest quality unique; stabilized seed stock, pollen, genetic material, clones and plants for sale and licensing to craft cultivators as well as large commercial growers who wish to develop new cannabis and hemp strains specifically designed to meet their needs for commercial and patented usage.

NSG has the scientific data to back up what we offer and proud at what we have achieved.  Highlights include:

* Royal Jack, the strongest cannabis cultivar in the world was developed by NSG. 

* The first all red cannabis plant – “Cherry Bomb!”

* Cannabis ”wine country cultivars” that mimic the smell, taste and color of different wines. Cabernet Kush, Merlot Kush, Syrah, Cuvee’, Pink Champagne and Zinfandel and more.

* Skunkweed is back!  NSG has designed a new super stinky Skunk stronger and stinkier than the original! 

Whatever your cannabis cultivar needs may be, NSG can make it a reality for you. Perhaps you are looking for a cultivar that produces a larger yield of flower or you are looking for  a specific color or a trait bred into or taken out of a cultivar, NSG is your answer. 

NSG can produce cultivars with chemical and physical profiles specific to the needs of our clients such as  percentages of sugars, lipids, waxes or terpene profiles along with high or low percentages of THC and other (un)desired cannabinoids.



A) Breeding:

  1. Cannabis:

1a. Indica wide leaf

1b. Sativa thin leaf

1c. Hybrids

1d. Medicinal

  1. Hemp:

2a. High CBD and Medicinal

2b. Fiber

2c. Oil

B) Cultivation:

  1. Indoor:

1a. Hydroponic

1b. Aeroponic

1c. Live Soil

  1. Outdoor:

1a. Full Sun

1b. Green House

1c. Mixed Light

1d. Hoop House Type Structures


A) Open Source:

B) Proprietary NSG Strains:

C) Designer Strains:










Contact us at info@norcalseedsandgenetics.com

Thank you for choosing NorCal Seeds and Genetics!

Partnerships and Projects:

NorCal Seeds and Genetics partners with Steep Hill Labs of Berkeley, California in 2017 and begins its first collaboration with The University of Colorado Boulder.

NorCal Seeds and Genetics and Steep Hill Labs begins next collaboration called, “Project Jenny” in Spring of 2018 to examine NSG’s vast seed and pollen bank from around the world in the field. The on-going study antiquated vast amounts of genetic, chemical and observational data on each individual strain from seed to consumption.


                                 Project Jenny was a windfall of valuable information for both NSG and Steep Hill Labs.  To date, NSG has extensively studied over a hundred cultivars and scheduled to continue studying hundreds more over the next few years. 

This data from Project Jenny has filled in blanks and provided conclusive answers about how we perceived and produced cannabis both privately and commercially. Project Jenny has forever change how we look at cannabis.

2) NorCal Seeds and Genetics partners with Sagarmatha Seeds.                               

NSG forms a limited partnership with Sagarmatha Seeds from Amsterdam in January of 2019. Genetic material has been traded and bred both in the United States and in The Netherlands. NSG provides all of the varieties that Sagarmatha Seeds once sold including Alaska Thunder Fuck.

We are honored to have an old schooler like Sagarmatha Seeds to breed with and distribute in the United States while strategically entering the European market.

May of 2019:  RNA Sequencing Project – Landraces: Analyzed and Completed

Scope of Project:

1. Chemical Profiling of Sequenced Strains
2. Quality Check & Transcriptome Statistics
3. Identification of Cannabinoid Synthases
4. Identification of Terpenoid Synthases

2019 Operation Jenny: Study the effects of extreme cold on cultivation and how pectin production vs water content protects the plant while in the vegetation state. Study complete.

2019 Herer Group Project: Develop Herer “Expressions” cultivars for the Herer Group 

2020 Study on cloning. Status is on going.


NSG acknowledges and accredits the following people and organizations who have been instrumental in making NSG the leader in Cannabis Breeding and Genetics.

Steep Hill Labs

Crystal Garden Farms

Wine Country Cannabis Company

Reggie Gaudino

Anthony Torres

Christopher Cizek

Rev Dr. Kymron De Cesare

Donald Land

Kimberlee N.

Christopher Pauli

Daniela Vergara

Keith Allen

Lydia Abernethy

Wilson Linker

Thomas Blank

Caleb King

Maroon Tribe of Jamaica

Colonel Ferron Williams

Dovetail Genomics


Cutting Edge Solutions

Dr. Dale Hunt

Breeder’s Best

Plant & Planet Law Firm

The University of Colorado

CannaCreations, LLC

UC Davis

Nishan Karassik

Herer Group

Dan Herer