NorCal Seeds and Genetics (NSG) introduces “Ready For Flowering” (RFF) plants in new agreement with Core One Labs

NSG now offering Ready For Flower (RFF) plants through a strategic partnership with Crystal Garden Farms (CGF) and Core Isogenics in Adelanto, California.  These RFF plants are over 5 weeks in vegetation, hardened and ready to transfer directly into the flowering room!

Here’s how it works. Clients make an order for which cultivars they would like and when they need them and we do the rest.

This is what you can expect for each individual RFF.

  • Zero contamination because all RFF plants come from tissue culture or seed only.
  • Only plants that meet our rigorous standards are sold.
  • These standards are as follows; Fully developed root system, Plant height of 24+ inches high supporting 12-16 branches. All plants are professionally manicured and shaped for flowering purposes. Plants will accept full light and EC’s over 1.6. Crystal Garden Farm offers RFF plants in 6” rock wool cubes and grow bags with coco coir. (We recommend the grow bags with coco) Plant batch leaves are randomly checked for pectin % and stomata count.
  • No one has higher standards than NSG. We are our reputation!